• Cololo231

    Boy vs Monster

    January 13, 2016 by Cololo231

    It's about a boy named Ken who lives a full life without expressing any fear (like Skylar). When he and his best friends talk about fear that nothing includes on Ken (whom his parents had taught him about soothing to fear for his won safety from his horrible monster) and he thinks that all these scary things are just nothing like fake stuff and the way he was fearless, he could be nothing to be like everyone else. But then , he discovered fear when he saw his personal monster named Traul who will get him and Ken's parents and be there in the whole world for all eternity. Until then, he realized that his parents are actually monster hunters trying to het them for 14 years ago. So when tried to conquer his fear, he defeated his monster to de…

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  • JL the superhuman


    October 12, 2014 by JL the superhuman

    Jadie is the pairing between Jacob and Sadie.

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  • JL the superhuman

    This is the sibling relationship of Jacob and Skylar.

    Jacob and Skylar are brother and sister who really love each other. Skylar cares a lot about Jacob and vice versa. Jacob really loves his big sister and she really loves her baby brother. Sometime when Jacob was placed in high school he was getting picked on because of his learning problems like his ability to read is really horrible, his writing, and his grade in math is an f every time his report card comes out so he has Skylar help him with his math and he passes his test. Skylar plans a birthday party for Jacob and buy him a birthday card to tell him she really loves him.

    • Jacob is a Christian and wants his older sister to go to church with him.
    • They both go to the same school together. …

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  • JL the superhuman

    Jacob Lewis

    October 7, 2014 by JL the superhuman

    Jacob Lewis is the younger brother of Skylar Lewis.

    Jacob is a very kind boy who cares about his friends and family. He is always wanting to be left alone at lunch because he prefers to be left alone. He can be very negative on a lot things but in the end goes through with it. Jacob one days gets outta hand with his anger because some guy shoved his sister into a locker on purpose and Jacob lost it by slamming the boys head into the locker and says if was to ever harm his sister again he would put him in jail for three years.

    Jacob is the baby brother of Skylar Lewis.

    • Jacob really loves Skylar and doesn't want her to get hurt.
    • He has a crush on Sadie.
    • He wears a cross around his neck because he is a Christian.
    • He fears for his family's safety.
    • He…

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  • Annat31

    Kick Monster Butt

    April 21, 2013 by Annat31

    Check Out This Video Now                                            

    Press READ MORE

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  • Annat31

    Olivia Holt- Skyler Lewis                Fun Facts

    1. Olivia Holt was born in Germantown, Tennessee and she started to sing and act since she was 3 yrs old.

    2. Instead of acting, Olivia also takes gymnastics and she's really competitive when it comes to chearleeding!

    3. Olivia LOVES ketchep she puts it on EVERYTHING! LOL

    4. When Olivia was little she was in a My Little Pet Shop commercial, She was so cute back then.

    5. She sang "I will Survive" at her school talent show.

    6. Olivia LOVES Hello Kitty, She got a Hello Kitty mini fridge from Jadin Gould.

    7. Her catchy new song "Had me at Hello" is already on the Girl vs Monster album.

    8. If Olivia could pick somewhere for a vacation she would pick Hawaii.

    9. Olivia's Favourite ice-cream is chocolate, Wha…

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  • Annat31

    Girl Vs Monster

    April 17, 2013 by Annat31

    Whats Up! AnnaT31 here too tell you about a movie that got realesed last year on DISNEY CHANNEL, Have any clue? Well, If you said Girl VS Monster you R right. Now your talking to the Number 1# Girl VS Monster Fan!. Have any questions? Thought so! If you could comment (It'll be great if you did) me you could also ask me questions.


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  • KickinItForOlivia


    October 20, 2012 by KickinItForOlivia

    Olivia's Real Name is Olivia Hastings Holt :)

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  • KickinItForOlivia

    Olivia's Holt's new movie 'Girl VS Monster' is now on Xbox and Sony Playstation and iTunes.

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  • KickinItForOlivia


    October 19, 2012 by KickinItForOlivia

    I'm brand new to this wiki so hi! :)

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  • AllyKickin'It


    September 17, 2012 by AllyKickin'It

    Olivia Holt's Fearless:

    And 8 seconds of "Nothing's Gonna Us Now"

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  • Tavante


    September 15, 2012 by Tavante

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Jesus Agustin

    Girl vs. Monster

    September 3, 2012 by Jesus Agustin

    Im So exsited for Girl vs. Monster. Who's with me

    Are You With Me Totally Maybe (yes or no) I'm not with you

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