Gender Female
Age Ancient (can live forever)
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Theadosia (assistant)
Bob (assistant)
Skylar Lewis (wants to possess)
Myra Santelli (was possessed)
Ryan Dean (was possessed)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by
Tracy Dawson

"One More Step And I Drop Them! Didn't Think You Could Just Sing Me Away, Did You? I'm No Ordinary Monster, Dearie. There's A Reason They Call Me The Eternal One."


Deimata is the main antagonist of the 2012 Disney Channel Original Movie, Girl vs. Monster. She is an immortal and super powerful monster that wants to possess Skylar's soul for all eternity.


Deimata is one of the Ancient Ones. Deimata is Skylar's personal monster and a enemy to Skylar's parents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleportation- Deimata is able to teleport to anywhere.
  • Flight- She can fly by transforming into a red smoke form.
  • Immortality- Not a power in itself but, an ability Deimata was able to stay young forever.
  • Invisibilty- She can make herself invisible.
  • Supernatural breath- She has supernatural breathing abilities like how she was able to crack the contaiment unit's glass just by simply breathing on it. She also used this ability when she blew on Skylar's grandfather.
  • Possession- She can possess a mortal body like she did with Myra and Ryan.
  • Telekinesis- Deimata can move objects with her mind.
  • Increased Size- When she feeds in a lot of fear, Deimata can increase size.
  • Voice- She used this ability when she was imitating Skylar's voice.
  • Monster Controlling ability- Due to being an immortal monster, she can control other monsters, but it can only be when she feels powerful enough like when Halloween is over at midnight and it's a full moon then she can have the power to control any type of monsters.
  • Multiplying Heads- By feeding in a lot of fear, she can multiply her head.
  • Green Energy Balls She can shoot green balls of energy.

Deimata in Myra's Body.


  • She has an army of monsters.
  • She has taken over both Myra and Ryan Dean but they were later on released from her control.
  • She has been kept in the Lewis family basement for 15 years in a containment tank.
  • She has visited Skylar in her house twice (when Skylar was a baby), threatening her.
  • She has a sense of humor, since she attempted to play charades with Skylar's parents so they would know how she would destroy them.
  • While in an old laboratory, Deimata attempted to scare Steve and Julie (Skylar's parents), but her attempts failed.