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Welcome to the official Girl vs. Monster Wiki! This wiki is the one of the very few places where you can all the info on the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Girl vs. Monster, starring Olivia Holt! Check out pages, meet the characters, and learn why everyone is talking about this movie! The wiki is currently growing and you can help out! Help build pages, share new info, and so much more! And if you need anyone, have no fear and just ask an admin! So just sit back, relax, and explore the wiki!

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Myra is a character in Girl vs. Monster portrayed by Katherine McNarma. Myra is the mean girl of the movie and is not very fond of Skylar. They often butt heads and Skylar tends to feel jealous of Myra. But soon, Myra gets even meaner, when she gets possessed by Deimata and is used to take down Skylar, her parents, and her friends once and for all.

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