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Gender Male
Age 15
Nationality American
Professional Information
  Monster Hunting, Student
Friends and Family
Skylar Lewis (best friend)
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by
Brendan Meyer
Henry is Skylar's best friend in Girl vs. Monster. He is played by Brendan Meyer. Meyer also stars in "Mr. Young".


Henry is the hilarious best friend to lead character, Skylar Lewis. He’s a tech gamer kid with a bright future – that is, if he can survive teaming up with Skylar to fight off monsters. He can easily be scared, and convinced that he is useless and can't help Skylar and Sadie without confidence from Cobb. He is very shy and gets pushed around. He gets scared super easily.

At school, he is antagonized by a group of jocks, who take pleasure in scaring him whenever they want. At the end, he gathers up enough courage to stand up to them after walking head-on into their leader.