Olivia Holt- Skyler Lewis                Fun Facts

1. Olivia Holt was born in Germantown, Tennessee and she started to sing and act since she was 3 yrs old.

2. Instead of acting, Olivia also takes gymnastics and she's really competitive when it comes to chearleeding!

3. Olivia LOVES ketchep she puts it on EVERYTHING! LOL

4. When Olivia was little she was in a My Little Pet Shop commercial, She was so cute back then.

5. She sang "I will Survive" at her school talent show.

6. Olivia LOVES Hello Kitty, She got a Hello Kitty mini fridge from Jadin Gould.

7. Her catchy new song "Had me at Hello" is already on the Girl vs Monster album.

8. If Olivia could pick somewhere for a vacation she would pick Hawaii.

9. Olivia's Favourite ice-cream is chocolate, What a good choice!

10. In Kickin' It Olivia's chracter Kim Crawford, is a bit girly but she has a total tomboy attitude.

Olivia Holt Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now Lyrics

Olivia Holt Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now Lyrics