It's about a boy named Ken who lives a full life without expressing any fear (like Skylar). When he and his best friends talk about fear that nothing includes on Ken (whom his parents had taught him about soothing to fear for his won safety from his horrible monster) and he thinks that all these scary things are just nothing like fake stuff and the way he was fearless, he could be nothing to be like everyone else. But then , he discovered fear when he saw his personal monster named Traul who will get him and Ken's parents and be there in the whole world for all eternity. Until then, he realized that his parents are actually monster hunters trying to het them for 14 years ago. So when tried to conquer his fear, he defeated his monster to death and been sucked in that little monster hunter device. When that's over, he celebrated with best friends and his crush , Sara, and had a party and sang the song called, "I had a chance." The end