This is the sibling relationship of Jacob and Skylar.


Jacob and Skylar are brother and sister who really love each other. Skylar cares a lot about Jacob and vice versa. Jacob really loves his big sister and she really loves her baby brother. Sometime when Jacob was placed in high school he was getting picked on because of his learning problems like his ability to read is really horrible, his writing, and his grade in math is an f every time his report card comes out so he has Skylar help him with his math and he passes his test. Skylar plans a birthday party for Jacob and buy him a birthday card to tell him she really loves him.


  • Jacob is a Christian and wants his older sister to go to church with him.
  • They both go to the same school together.
  • Skylar promises to keep her brother out of trouble.
  • Jacob first Skylar about his feelings for Sadie.
  • Skylar helps her brother with his homework