Jacob Lewis is the younger brother of Skylar Lewis.

JL the superhuman/Jacob Lewis
Gender Male
Age 19
Nationality American
Born 1995
Professional Information
  Student, art
Friends and Family
Steven Lewis (father)

Julie Lewis (mother)

Skylar Lewis (older sister)


Love interests
Sadie (girlfriend)


Jacob is a very kind boy who cares about his friends and family. He is always wanting to be left alone at lunch because he prefers to be left alone. He can be very negative on a lot things but in the end goes through with it. Jacob one days gets outta hand with his anger because some guy shoved his sister into a locker on purpose and Jacob lost it by slamming the boys head into the locker and says if was to ever harm his sister again he would put him in jail for three years.


Jacob is the baby brother of Skylar Lewis.


  • Jacob really loves Skylar and doesn't want her to get hurt.
  • He has a crush on Sadie.
  • He wears a cross around his neck because he is a Christian.
  • He fears for his family's safety.
  • He asks Sadie out and Sadie says yes.
  • Jacob really dislikes Halloween.
  • Jacob spends most of his time with Skylar and Sadie at lunch.
  • He is the youngest detective of the police department.
  • He doesn't fear monsters. Monsters fear him!